A Tradition of Excellence

Become an informed voter and learn more about the school funding question on the ballot this May. Vote “YES" for our kids!

Learn About the Munster Schools Referendum with the "SuperChat" Podcast

Curious about the Munster Schools referendum on May 2, 2023? Tune in to the "SuperChat" podcast featuring the Superintendent of School Town of Munster, Bret Heller for a comprehensive understanding of the referendum and its impact on our schools and community.

The podcast, complete with helpful graphics, covers key points such as maintaining academic excellence, attracting high-paying jobs, and renewing the 2017 referendum without increasing taxes. You'll learn the significance of voting YES for the Munster Schools referendum and how your support will contribute to the quality of our schools and the value of our homes.

Become an informed voter and a champion for our schools. Listen to the "SuperChat" podcast today and remember to vote YES on May 2, 2023.

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  • Keep Munster Schools Among the Best in the State
  • Retain and Recruit Top Teachers
  • Maintain Appropriate Class Sizes
  • Preserve Our Economy and Quality of Life

Securing our future

Munster schools have a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and a strong commitment to the community. A “YES” vote renews the referendum passed in 2017 and it will continue to fund our schools without increasing taxes. To ensure that Munster schools remain among the best in the state, we need your support in passing the upcoming referendum.

Attracting great teachers and maintaining small class sizes

Our ability to attract and retain top-quality teachers is essential to providing a high-quality education for Munster students. Without the referendum funding, we risk larger class sizes, which can make it more difficult for students to receive the individual attention they need to succeed. By passing the referendum, we can provide the resources necessary to attract and retain great teachers.

Preserve Our Economy and Quality of Life

Maintaining Munster schools' tradition of academic excellence is not only crucial to our students' education but also to our community's economic future. Our reputation for high quality education attracts high-paying jobs to the area, and the value of our homes is closely tied to the quality of our schools. Let's continue to invest in Munster schools and secure our future.

Munster Schools will not be able to maintain its current academic, co- and extra-curricular programs unless we “Vote Yes” to continue the current funding. Without continued funding, we risk losing critical staff positions like nursing staff and the ability to provide adequate support to our custodial and maintenance staff.

However, the majority of the funding - over three-quarters of it - will be used to manage class sizes and retain teachers and staff. The renewed referendum, would fund 68 full-time teachers and a total of 149 staff members, a critical segment in our school system.

No Additional Taxes

A “YES” vote continues the vital funding provided by the 2017 referendum. The maximum tax rate on the ballot is the same rate requested in 2017, and voting yes will not result in a tax increase. The school’s overall tax rate is the lowest in seven years.

The 2017 referendum provided the necessary funding to restore deficit balances, retain teachers, and support student programs. By voting yes on the referendum, we can continue to provide the funding necessary to adequately staff and maintain our schools, and support our staff and students.

How Can I Help?

  • Vote “YES” on May 2
  • Become informed and tell your friends and neighbors
  • Be part of what makes School Town of Munster a special place
  • Join our volunteers and donate to the cause